Lorry Dodges Piglet, Kills Person

A tipper lorry driver in Dokolo district who tried to dodge a piglet that was crossing the road unfortunately lost control of the vehicle. It overturned, throwing down four people who were aboard the back of the lorry. One of the people died and the other three were rushed to hospital unconscious but are now reported to be recovering.

The accidents happened in Orom sub-county three days ago. News-Hapa received the news of it today from Robert Owake, a resident of the area. The lorry belonged to Hampers Construction Limited, which is implementing a school building contract in the area. At the time of the accident, the vehicle was on errand to fetch 'hard core' a type of stone used in construction of building floors.

The driver of the lorry, his assistant/turnboy and two other people who were seated at the front of the vehicle survived without serious injury.

- July 25, 2013
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