Sibling Fight Leaves Mother with Knife Injuries

A Kasese mother is currently hospitalized at Kilembe Mines Hospital after she sustained knife injuries when she tried to separate her two young sons who were fighting over bananas of the Gonja variety. In a bizzarely violent turn to the squabble, one of the sons had grabbed a knife and was trying to stub his brother. When the mother intervened to take the knife away from the attacker, she accidentally got cut by it.

This is the second report in a month that News-Hapa is receiving from the area that depicts small family fights turning bizzarely violent. On June 26th, Masereka Raymon of Kasambya parish in Kasese, nearly killed his mother when he hit her on the forehead with the family pestle – the stick used for pounding grains. Surprisingly, that particular fight resulted from a disagreement between the young man and his sister over a pair of slippers.

- July 29, 2013
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