Kapchorwa man critically injures two police appointed crime scouts

In Kapchorwa, communities have local crime scouts who are appointed by police to monitor and deter law-breaking at sub-county level downwards. Yesterday at around 6am, two such scouts were critically injured as they tried to apprehend a local on the orders of police. Both men were rushed unconscious to Kapchorwa hospital and are still admitted there.

Kusuro Rasak, the chairman of Usaalam, as each grouping of local scouts is known, and Sayik Jadit were reportedly attacked by one Kenny Kaproncho whom they were trying to arrest for threatening to violently grab his father’s land.

Kaproncho’s father, Patrick Mwanga had earlier reported to police that his son had demanded to be given land. He also reported that Kaproncho had threatened to cut him up should he refuse to give him the land. By way of acting on the report, police tasked two local crime scouts to go arrest Kaproncho who reportedly was also a notorious thief. Unfortunately, the arrest went awry to the detriment of the two crime scouts when the suspect turned on them, cutting them severally and severely. Kaproncho is now on the run.

This story was sent to News-Hapa by Micheal Musobo of Tuban parish, Kapchorwa.

- July 12, 2013
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