Two Kasese men killed by residents in separate incidents just hours apart

A man has today has been burnt to ashes by a mob in Rwimi town board because he was found stealing beans. Beans are currently in season (plentiful) in the area. Rwimi town is north of Kasese district.

Meanwhile in the same district, a man died last evening after being beaten by three others who were punishing him for alleged sexual relations with a particular woman one of the attackers also had interest in. Kule, the deceased was met by the three as he left Kisengye trading centre at around 8pm. They initially pretended to be casually chatting with him and he therefore unsuspectingly walked with them out of the centre. Not every far out, the three men descended on him.

Kule managed to raise an alarm loud enough for the people back at the centre to hear and run to his rescue. The crowd managed to convince his attackers to stop beating him up but alas they had already done grievance harm. Kule died at the scene of beating. Local police is currently hunting the three attackers who immediately fled the scene and are now in hiding.

Reports of the incident were sent to News-Hapa by Sentamu Tadeo, a local.

- July 31, 2013
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