Organised Gang of Thieves Takes Root in Arua Town

An organised gang of thieves, consisting of about 20 permanent ‘members’ and a large loose network of others, is reportedly becoming a permanent feature in Arua town. A resident of the town who was vehemently insistent of remaining anonymous tells News-Hapa that the gang even has a ‘mafia don’ type head who is known to the residents.

The whistle blower says, these Mafioso work in collaboration. They watch people come and go, tipping their peers to take kill whenever the opportunity arises. He says that the gang’s activities have been growing for years now and it is becoming more and more entrenched.

Some of the gang’s members have been arrested several times, and nearly each time, they reportedly are bailed or bonded out of police custody by the same individual – the known head of the gang, whose ‘mafia den’ who holes himself up in Bibia cell, Arua town.

The whistle blower deems this matter to be now beyond the capacity/will of the local police and submitted this report to News-Hapa in the hope that the central police leadership here in Kampala can take action.

- July 31, 2013
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