Bishop at witchdoctor’s funeral: “This man is going to heaven.”

Hangyi Bakoko Sabastiana of Kasese last week died from complications of diabetes. His lifetime’s occupation had been the practice of witchcraft. His neighbours alleged that he had somehow acquired magical but evil powers that he used against the enemies of this clients. They blamed him for the demise of children, beautiful women and others in the area. This career of his had reportedly peaked in the 1980s.

However upon his death, an unlikely friend, the Rt Reverend Bishop Thembo Nzerebende of South Rwenzori diocese presided over his funeral service. In his sermon at the graveside, the bishop shocked the residents by telling them that Bakoko was going to heaven. He further explained that Bakoko had been a good man and was even better than many of the Christians in the diocese that go to church every Sunday. He therefore reasoned that Bakoko’s practice of withcraft here on earth would not count against him at the pearly gates.

This report was sent to News-Hapa by Tadeo Sentamu, a resident of Buhihura subcounty in Kasese district.

Bakoko, the deceased is survived by 18 out of the 26 children is is believed to have fathered, and one of the 11 ‘wives’ he has had in his lifetime.

- July 11, 2013
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