Fear of DRC war spillover continues to spread in Northern Uganda

People living in towns near Uganda’s borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are fearful that the renewed fighting in that country is going to spill over into Uganda. This fear is most tangible in Northern Uganda where the population came out of war only a few years ago.

John Bose from North-Western Uganda sent this message to News-Hapa this morning, “we are in political worries as the threats from Eastesn DRC are alarming with increasing refugees each day.” Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the LC 1 chairperson of Paranga village of Gulu had sent this message, “We are threatened by gun shots by the Congo rebels on border. The UPDF should intervene.”

In the same vein, Nobert Alubo, a resident of Nyoo village in Maracha, expressed relief at a recent security development in his subcounty saying, “security in my village has been greatly improved by the increased number of policemen in the subcounty.”

- Aug. 2, 2013
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