Senior Six Girl OutSmarts Lewd Stepfather

A Senior Six student from Keyo SS Amuru district reported narrowly escaped sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather. Lucy Doreen Apio reports the girls ordeal, thus:

“Her stepfather who wanted to rape her when her mother went for funeral.” Apio elaborates that in a vile tirade meant to intimidate the girl, the man ranted that her mother (his wife) had infected him with HIV, threatened to throw her out of the house and finally to kill her. The girl’s pleas that to the man who has raised her as his own child all these years fell on deaf ears. Eventually the girl agreed to sleep with him but begged that they use a condom given the HIV status he had revealed. Given that the man didn’t have any, the girl said she had some in her bag and was allowed to leave the room to go pick them. She fled the home, run to school and reported the matter to her teacher. Her situation however remains in the balance as she is afraid to return home saying that her mother will not side with her in this dispute but will instead blame her for it. “She needs help,” concludes Apio.

Abuse of school girl is a serious and disruptive social problem in the Uganda's countryside. In a separate report to News-Hapa from western Uganda, a citizen reports that one community school Mahango seed secondary school in Kasese in recent years seen 130 students get pregnant in the course of their time with the school.

- Aug. 5, 2013
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