An epidemic of alcohol and drug abuse is catching on in West Nile

According to several citizen reports, alcoholism and drug abuse are and continue to be a big social problem for Northern Uganda.

Crissy Baba Man from Arua, reports that in this local school, Otruitia Primary School, most of the teachers drink alcohol and show up for work drunk. This he says includes the headmaster of the school. As a result of this, Baba reports that a lot of the pupils are dropping out of school with disillusion.

Bernadette Tiazaru, also from Aura, separately reports that in her sub-county, Oluko, “there is an increasing number of youth running mad because of opium smoking and the use of mairungi [khat].” She elaborates that a number have even become violent, requiring residents to call on the police to apprehend them. While some of the ill persons are taken to Arua hospital for treatment, she reveals that those that are apprehended by police sometimes end up in jail rather than treatment centres.

Leo, from West Nile another district - Alebo-Maracha, echoes the concerns of the above two saying, “alcoholism has taken up most able bodied men in the district.

- Aug. 5, 2013
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