45 year old Kasese woman killed by neighbours

A woman, identified as Nyamasika, about 45 years old has been killed by one of her neighbours in Kyarumba parish, Kasese. The neighbour has reported himself to police and is currently in detention.

It all started with the death of another woman Itungu Jane Rose, 40, who passed away at about 6 am today. For unclear reasons, Itungu’s family decided that she had been killed by spirits sent by Nyamasika. A section of them consequently invaded her home and started to antagonize her.

The confrontation descended into torturing the woman and fatally ended with her being speared by one of Itungu's male relatives. Police has visited the crime scene and removed the body. Itungu’s body remains at her home awaiting burial. This story was sent to News-Hapa by Venansio Bwambale, a resident of the area.

- Aug. 6, 2013
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