Cries of Hunger From West Nile Districts

“Our crops were destroyed by hail stones, no attention paid by Ministry of Disaster Preparedness. There is famine. Prices of cassava and beans are too high,” reports Amayo Peter of Zombo district.

“Too much rain in some parts of Yumbe district may lead to destruction of food crops thus not enough food next year,” predicts David, a teacher in Goboro Primary School.

“We have had not good crop harvest,” Oscar Ayub from Madi Ogoko in Arua district.

“There is too much rain here in Arua. Crops are dying,” Charity.

“In Yumbe, people still believe in traditional seasons and yet the season of rainfall has changed. This has led to low production of food leading to severe famine and hunger, “ says Cliff Dratre, a geography teacher in Yumbe secondary school.

- Aug. 7, 2013
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