Nebbi School Disappointed at Prospective Visit from Solar Eclipse Watchers

According to a citizen report coming from the area, not so long ago, a couple of white men sauntered into Owiny Primary School, wandered around briefly before they appeared to have settled for the school’s play ground as their spot of interest. They made to leave after that but the school staff compelled them to visit the head teacher’s office and state the purpose of their visit.

It is in the office that they revealed that they had been trying to identify the perfect spot to watch this year’s total solar eclipse that will be visible from parts of Uganda. They had concluded that Owiny Primary School would fit the bill and were to bring over a group of more than 50 people from Arizona in the United States to watch the solar eclipse on 3rd of December, 2013. They urged the community to ‘prepare’ for the momentous day.

The school subsequently prepared a budget for upgrading their sanitary facilities and forwarded it to the visitors. However it has not heard from them since and instead has heard from other sources that the visitors will be camping at Paraa Lodge. According to these sources, the group of 50 plus will only be showing up at the school briefly for the 5pm viewing of the eclipse.

“We are disappointed because they we thought they were going to camp at the school, construct bathrooms here, improve toilets and maybe even brings those solar panels for power,” says Patrick Owachgiu, a teacher at the school.

- Aug. 7, 2013
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