Stray National Park Animals Wreck Havoc – Again

For the third time in three weeks, News-Hapa has received a citizen report pointing to the continue strain between human survival and the tourism sector of the country. A farmer from Alimugonza village, Pakanyi subcounty, Masindi district reports, “our crops have been destroyed by an elephant.” Earlier reports of the same nature - destruction of crops by national park animals especially buffaloes, warthogs and elephants came from the districts of Kiryandongo ( and Kitezi ( Kiryandongo district neighbours Murchison Falls national Park while Kitezi is in the vicinity of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority acknowledges that these clashes between animals and human activity are becoming more and more common. The authority blames them on increased populations pressure that is forcing communities to cultivate into what used to be buffer zones between wildlife reserves and human settlements. Improvised solutions like digging large trenches at the borders of the game reserves are expensive and their results are mixed since the communities that ought to maintain the infrastructure once in place reportedly renegade on the task, explained one wildlife official who in an informal chat with News-Hapa.

- Aug. 7, 2013
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