Residents Spent Night Perched in Trees Following Flooding in Elegu, Amuru

Tuesday night, folling a heavy downpour in the Gulu/Amuru are, Unyama stream, a branch of River Achwa, overrun its bank flooding vast areas of Elegu subcounty in Amuru. To escape the waters, residents had to climb trees and remain parched there as they awaited relief. Some even spent the night up in the trees. The same flooding made part of the route out of Uganda to Sudan impassable for atleast 24 hours.

The government and Red Cross have since launched a disaster response effort in the area. An estimated 6000 people are reported to have been displaced by the floods. Vehicles have resumed plying the Sudan - Uganda route but so far only 4 wheel vehicles are daring to venture it.

- Aug. 8, 2013
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