Moyo: 30 hectares of garden washed away

A citizen report received from Palorinya parish of Itula subcounty in Amuru indicates that 30 hectares of cassava, cabbage, maize and potato fields have been washed away by the persistent rains that have pounded the area over the past several weeks.

This report is only one of many from Northern Uganda indicating that the rainy season which farmers thought would be a relief from the long drought has now turned into their worst nightmare. Adam Dafala of Yumbe says, "majority of crops grown in the first season dried as a result of prolonged drought and farmers are struggling 2 succeed in the second season." Another report elaborates on the struggle. "Arua district [neighbouring Yumbe] has of recent (July and August) been receiving heavy rains that has caused destruction to crops such as beans and houses/toilets."

The mention of toilet brings to mind what is now a major disaster in another district in the same region. This report ( from Elegu, Amuru shows that earlier in the week, upto 6000 residents were left homeless when a local stream burst it bank and flooded the area. Some people were even forced to spend the night perched in trees as they awaited relief.

Even in areas where flooding has not occurred, the rains present other risks. Take this concern from a citizen in Zombo district. "Most bridges of big rivers like Ora, Nyagak are still built using timbers & logs risking people's lives yet linking big markets."

- Aug. 9, 2013
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