New Hepatitis B Cases in Odupi, Arua

Several residents of odupi subcounty in Arua district have been confirmed with Hepatitis B," says Ben Libo, a nursing officer at one of the areas health facilties. He however says that the matter has not yet attracted any attention from authorities.

Additionally, News-Hapa has received reports from the same district indicating the outbreak of several other unidentified human and animal diseases. One resident who identified himself as Walter calls upon the Ministry of Health to investigate a news disease "which affects the swallowing of food and water."

The ministry of agriculture would be well advised to follow of its health counterpart. According to two citizen reports, one from Arua's Pajula sub-county, chicken in the area are dying in larger numbers. Another citizen reports that fish are also dying. He says, "our fish are dying in the water. We don't know why."

- Aug. 21, 2013
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