LCIII Chairman Sells Public Property, Escapes

Corruption and embezzlement. These two words are probably the most spoken in Uganda in relation to leaders and others in positions of power. If you thought it was only reserved for the big guns at the top, think again because this cancer has devoured leaders down the hierarchy even to the LC level, as was pointed out by this interesting report received by News Hapa.

The LC III chairman of Kei sub-county in Yumbe district, Mr. Mawezo Talibu, recently blurred the line between public and private property when he sold a motorcycle meant for the council at 5.5 million Uganda Shillings. According to Solomon A. Nyakun, a resident of Kei, the sale did not go down well with residents. “When we asked him to explain himself, the LC3 said the motorcycle was his to do with as he pleased,” Solomon says. This caused the residents to involve local police as well as other members of the local council. However, the accused failed to appear at the meeting that was arranged to resolve the issue, and is said to have ran away from the area with his cash in hand. The local council members resolved the issue by digging into the council coffers to reimburse the buyer, as yet unidentified, and retrieve the motorcycle.

- Sept. 2, 2013
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