One New Bridge, a Plethora of Transport Problems Elsewhere

Residents of Olali Parish of Ogoko sub-county, Arua have a reason to celebrate. A new bridge has been constructed in their area. Ayub Oscar, a resident of the area, reports that this development is one that has been long anticipated but the need for it rose to crisis level in May when torrential rains caused the local stream locally known as River Keleruza to burst its banks, sweeping away the original weak structure that served as a bridge across it. “Some other areas in this sub-county also lost their bridges, like Ora and Ewanga. We have been using unstable timber bridges that we put across the river to help people access either side.”Ayub informs us that residents had to walk long distances to access health centers, markets and roads, as they could not use any vehicles to cross the makeshift timber bridges. “This new bridge has once again made it easier for us to access what we need.”

However, Olali’s good fortune is the exemption rather than the rule. News-Hapa continues to receive daily lamentations from rural citizens regarding the state of their roads. A major bridge over River Enyau in Maracha-Terego district, is causing residents some very serious worries. “The Cilio-Kubala Bridge is bending as if it is going to fall soon,” reports James Inziku from the area. Meanwhile, just 10 days ago, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Koboko found himself stuck along one of the roads in his jurisdiction. A citizen reported to News-Hapa that the RDC’s vehicle got stuck on Lipa road after it was made impassable by a heavy downpour.

The transport problems spread over the entire West Nile area. Two days ago, Amid Yambio was injured and killed along Yumbe road. This time, it wasn’t nature to blame for the unfortunate accident but rather potholes. The citizen who reported this death to News-Hapa said, “ pot holes on roads are worsening causing high rate of accidents especially on Yumbe, Koboko and Arua roads.”

In another road death that was not related to nature, five people were involved in a motorcycle accident along Ajugopi-Miniki in Moyo ten days ago. In this case, the rider of the motorcycle was trying to escape arrest by a mobile police unit which was on the look out for motorcycles that bare South Sudanese registration numbers but work in Uganda. “This Mobile police is from Moyo and they come and hide on Dzaipi-Arinyapi road which cause several accident due to escape of the motor cycle riders whose number plate are of South Sudan,” reports a resident who witnessed the five people accident.

- Sept. 3, 2013
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