Different Shades of Family Violence

“5 children of one family have beaten their father seriously accusing him of beating their mum, the father is at Nyabwina health centre,” report by Tadeo Sentamu from Kasese.” This report is one of several on domestic violence that News-Hapa has received over the past and continues to receive regularly.

At the start of last month, the same citizen, Sentamu Tadeo reported that in Ntoroko district, a father ct off his own daughter’s hand. He identified the girl as Nabakoza Phinah and said that her offence had been to serve “cassava without sauce.”

Later than month on August 22nd in Ceke Ward of Nwoya town council a man called Opiyo was rescued as he attempted to hang himself in his own house by a rope. He was taken to Nwoya police station where he revealed that prior to his own suicide attempt, he had tried to kill his wife using a panga but she ran away. All this was related to News-Hapa by Jimmy Ojara a resident of the same area.

Still from Northern Uganda, In a separate report, an S.6 girl from Keyo SS Amuru District narrowly escaped being raped by her step-father. A citizen reporter, Lucy Doreen Apio, tells News Hapa that the girl escaped to her school and narrated her ordeal to the school teachers.“The man attempted to rape her when her mother went for a funeral,” Lucy says. “He threatened to throw her out of his home if she refused.” The full story of her escape was carried by News-Hapa here: http://www.news-hapa.com/story/63/

Bringing to mind the proverb ‘a hungry man is an angry man’, Angutoko Robins Victor from Arua District blames the rampant domestic violence on poverty.

- Sept. 3, 2013
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