Seven Year Old Killed as Heavy Rains Continue to Devastate the Countryside

Muhindo Julius, 7 years old, was on Tuesday afternoon killed when the kitchen house he was sitting in collapsed on him during a downpour. Sentamu Taddeo, the citizen who sent this report says that the boy’s parents were in town, away from home, when the incident happened. This happened in Buhunga parish, Maliba sub-county of Kasese district. While most regrettably fatal, this incident of devastation due to rains is unfortunately not isolated. Sentamu reports further that in the same region, heavy rains have has left many homes desperate and stressed. “It rained with hail stones which damaged and washed away a lot of gardens and various crops,” he says.

In addition, News-Hapa has in the past month received and published several reports of similar and varied destruction from rains in other parts of the country. This report ( carried voices from Arua, Yumbe and Koboko, expressing fears that following the destruction of crops by the heavy rains, there will be famine in the coming months. Before that, two other reports had revealed widespread flooding in Moyo ( and the displacement of over 6000 people in Amuru after a local stream burst its banks (

Meanwhile, the same rains are also causing immediate livelihood issues by making roads impassable as this early August report indicated ( As a result, local economies are hurt because people can’t get their produce to market, some parents are pulling their children out of school rather than risk them crossing bursting streams on flimsy plank bridges among other consequences. And these problems continue with more roads becoming impassable as more recent reports to News-Hapa indicate. “Most of the roads in Itula sub-county are impassable. Some culverts have broken down due to over flooding,” says Emmanuel Bossmbaya of Moyo district, in a report sent three days ago.

- Sept. 9, 2013
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