New Staff House for Ogoko School, Other Education Problems Abound

Staff of Ogoko Primary School in Ogoko sub-county of Arua are rejoicing after construction of a new staff house was completed recently. “A new 4 in 1 permanent staff house has been constructed at Ogoko Primary School,” Ayub Oscar from Ogoko informs us. He says that the staff previously resided in grass thatched houses, and the construction of a permanent structure is a welcome relief, especially in the wake of heavy downpours ravaging Arua. “The staff house was constructed as part of a project funded by NUSAF, Northern Uganda Social Action Fund” says Oscar.

However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies for education in Arua. A primary school teacher, Aluma John Francis, tells News Hapa that the situation where he teaches, Chakai Primary School, is very different. “Our pupils are learning under trees,” he says, adding that this affects their concentration and as a result their academic performance. And as if this is not bad enough, those may be considered the lucky pupils, since they are still in school. A number of their colleagues find themselves missing examinations due to lack of fees. This is according to Justice, from Arua. “A good percentage of pupils fail to do end of second term examinations in some rural primary schools due to parents' failure to pay examination fees,” his message reads.

Meanwhile from Yumbe, one citizen reporter sent in a complaint about sloppy teachers. “Teachers in Gojuru Primary School leave school early and come late since 2012,” Mansur Ansur Eyotre who is a parent in the school reports. He adds that concerted efforts by parents to have this situation fixed have so far yielded no results. “Some parents tried to inform the District Internal Security Officers, District Education Officer and Assistant Chief Administrative Officer to no effect. To me this shows a lack of inspector role in Yumbe as far as Gojuru Primary School is concerned,” he tells News-Hapa.

Clearly, the new staff house for Ogoko Primary School is just a drop in the ocean of problems that need to be solved to make education better in that area.

- Sept. 12, 2013
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